Cross-linguistic effects of information theoretic factors in interactive communication (CLITIC2022)

Interspeech 2022 Satellite Workshop, Seoul National University, Sept 23, 2022

Information-theoretic factors have been identified and used to account for fine-grained phonetic variations in speech, as rational speakers and listeners can adapt speech to be efficient in transmitting information. However, the ability to adapt depends on linguistic knowledge and exposure, which are accumulated through learning. Learning could happen fast and slow in different communicative situations. Such diverse learning environments raise further questions as to how to ‘quantify information’ in a context-appropriate manner. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers examining the role of information-theoretic factors on cross-language learning in interactive communication.

Conference organizers
James Whang (Seoul National University)
Bistra Andreeva (Saarland University)
Omnia Ibrahim (Saarland University)
Bernd Möbius (Saarland University)
Ivan Yuen (Saarland University)

Keynote speakers
Ann Bradlow (Northwestern University) confirmed
Okko Räsänen (Tampere University) confirmed

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